Anything Information Retrieval, really!

We develop theory and methods for scalable machine learning and information retrieval to analyze big data and address challenging problems in science and society.



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Courses and opportunities for external internships are discussed at the education pages.


Ongoing research projects include:

Public repositories related to research carried out in the group:

  • GeeseDB: Graph Engine for Exploration and Search over Evolving DataBases
  • REL: Radboud Entity Linker
  • WASP: Personal Web Archive and Search System

The local IR Reading Club and the @informagi group Twitter account.

Why Informagus?

Radboud University is situated in Nijmegen, the city Noviomagus in Roman times. Noviomagus is Celtic for ‘the new market’. And, in proper classic Latin, ‘magus’ refers to the type of magic that many associate with the outcomes of computer science research.