Instructions for IR Project

Form a group of 3 people (see Brightspace). Every group chooses one of the assignment ideas to develop their research project (see below). Choose an assignment depending on your interests and your group’s expertise.

After your group has decided upon the assignment, write a 1 page proposal on how you plan to approach the assignment. A project proposal is a 1 page A4 (at most 2, if you really need the space) PDF file, that discusses the following items for your proposed research project:

  • Introduction / motivation
  • Research question
  • Resources (data/software/users)
  • Experimental design
  • Expected outcome

After submitting your proposal through Brightspace, we evaluate the plan and give you a go/no-go mark. If you receive a go mark, you can carry out the assignment as planned. If you have received a no-go, you will get some feedback on how to change your proposal, that has to be addressed before carrying out the project.


The goal of the project is to carry out “an IR experiment”. The scope is broad on purpose, so you can match your interests with the right grade of difficulty, and choose whether to define your research questions toward user or system aspects.

For ideas for your project, refer to the assignment ideas in 2324.

First steps

  1. Get a RU Science account if you do not have one already (instructions);
  2. Optional: get a GitHub account using the student pack, or simply sign up.


We use IR Discord server as a means of communication for questions related to the project.

Checkout the list of IR tools that could be useful for the implementation of your research idea, for inspiration (no requirement to limit yourself to what is listed there).