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Peer review is a central process in the conduct of science.

The resources below help understand this process, and provide background to writing excellent reviews.

Reviewing criteria

Why review

IP&M published an encouraging editorial Reviewer merits by Marchionini et al. (.pdf).

How to read a paper

  • S. Keshav, How to read a paper (2007), published in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 37(3):83–84 .pdf; The paper is discussed briefly in a blog post by Charles Sutton.

How to review a paper

How not to review a paper

  • Graham Cormode published How NOT to Review a Paper: The tools and techniques of the adversarial reviewer .pdf

See also

Finally, you might be interested in the NIPS 2014 consistency experiment (and this blog post) and the WSDM 2017 analysis of single vs. blind reviewing (and this blog post).