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Peer review is a central process in the conduct of science.

The resources below help understand this process, and provide background to writing excellent reviews.

Reviewing criteria

Why review

IP&M published an encouraging editorial Reviewer merits by Marchionini et al. (.pdf).

How to read a paper

  • S. Keshav, How to read a paper (2007), published in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 37(3):83–84 .pdf; The paper is discussed briefly in a blog post by Charles Sutton.

How to review a paper

Finally, Adrienne Shaw from Ideas on Fire, and academic publishing and consultancy agency, wrote a very clear blog post on how to write a review, worth the read even if it does not specifically focus on computer science research.

How not to review a paper

  • Graham Cormode published How NOT to Review a Paper: The tools and techniques of the adversarial reviewer .pdf

See also

Finally, you might be interested in a few empirical studies into the reviewing process itself: