Alfresco is an open source Enterprise Content Management platform, built on cloud-native technologies. Organizations around the world like NASA, the WWF and Oxford University Press rely on Alfresco to keep their documents and other content safe and accessible. With content repositories of up to 2 billion items, our users rely on search as the preferred way to get to their desired content quickly.


Using the meta-data effectively requires the user to have an accurate mental model of the meta-data structure, the field names as well as the structured query syntax to formulate a correct meta-data query in order to successfully locate the desired content.

As this is an important capability for our users, Alfresco is looking to sponsor a Master’s thesis project to research on, design and prototyping of, a system that can be trained on a meta-data model and can then turn queries in natural language (“Give me all contracts that expire next quarter”) into a well-formed meta-data query in Alfresco’s structured query syntax.

Your profile

  • MSc student in computer science, data science specialization
  • Knowledge of information retrieval and databases
  • Excellent programming skills, ideally with experience in open source community
  • Ability to work independently
  • Pro-active, participate actively in discussions

How to apply?

Contact Hein Ragas to apply. After acceptance at Alfresco, contact Arjen P. de Vries to arrange the internal supervision at Radboud University.